Kemon Coaches are committed to life long learning to train hairdressers through: INTEGRITY: believing in what you do and being respectful of others. CONFIDENCE: believing in yourself to do your best each day. PRIDE: feeling good about what you do; respect for each other and the brand. PASSION: your desire to be the best and wanting others to be their best.

Angela Morrone-Incandela

"When you live your dream, you inspire the confidence and passion thru your pride and integrity. Being true to yourself, is reflected in those we Inspire and allow them to grow."

Ashley Wicklund

"Passion is what drives me everyday. Integrity and perseverance are are the tools I use to take my passion and work hard hard to push myself to be successful as an educator as well as behind the chair."

Drue McPherson

"Inspiration and passion ignite using Kemøn's organically-based products. It's a legacy of purity and beauty that I'm proud to share and grow the knowledge that we do not have to sacrifice health to achieve fashion-inspired looks."

Irina Miasnikova

"My integrity as an artist lies within my heart; my true values are to accept any challenge and never give up."

James DeFrange

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing." —Aristotle

Kate Bowser

"To empower every stylist with the education they need to unleash their own creativity is what drives me. Kemon shares this passion of mine, while also creating the highest quality products in the most Eco-friendly way possible."

Lindsaya VanDeusen

"Integrity is doing what you know in your heart is right, even if others never notice. This is one of the founding principles of Kemon and fluidly supports my beliefs behind the chair."

Melanie Porter

Sarah Morris

"I love the exclusivity of Kemon and their passion for top quality ingredients. I love to inspire and be inspired, there's always something that drives a person; I want to be the fuel."

Tila Camill

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity." —Douglas Adams